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Technical Information

  • These pages were initially created in a SuSE Linux 9.2 SuSELogo environment using the HTML editor from Mozilla 1.7.7 MozillaLogo and the JDeveloper 10g JavaLogo. web development suite.
  • The initial Web Galleries have been created using gThumb 2.3.3 from the GNOME, GnomeLogo environment, while images were manipulated with the GIMP 2.0.4 TheGIMP .
  • Today project development continues using Quanta version 3.5 QuantaLogo , which belongs to KDE's web development suite available for download from http://kdewebdev.org/ .
  • All icon images used for navigation belong to the Crystal Icons collection which is available for free download by KDE-look.org. The flags in the start page belong to the I am not a Patriot icon set from Mayosoft Studios.
  • Finally all pages were tested using the celebrated Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Web-site managers

  • Domna Terzopoulou is responsible for the material content of these pages.
    The texts and photographs are the intellectual property of the excavation team and may not be reproduced in any way without written permission.
  • English translation Nicola Wardle.
  • Bulgarian translation Petya Ilieva
  • Spanish translation Maila García Amorós.
  • Technical supervision and web page design is by Thanassis Bakalidis.

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